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Terms & Conditions
  1. By applying for Unified-ITF Singapore Free Trial Classes, the applicant shall not hold Unified-ITF Singapore and/or Management of or its personnel responsible for any injuries or accidents that may occur at any time.

  2. The applicant will abide strictly by the rules, guidelines and instructions provided during the training, and at any time will not wilfully engage in any activities that may endanger the well-being of the applicant or other persons training at Unified-ITF Singapore.

  3. Should the applicant feel unwell at any time during the course of the Free Trial Classes, he/she must notify the Chief Instructor immediately and stop training. Unified-ITF Singapore and/or Management of will not be held liable for any injuries or accidents caused due to the applicant withholding information about his/her physical well-being prior to and during the Free Trail Classes.

  4. Unified-ITF Singapore reserves the right to amend the training details and outline of the training program without prior notice.

  5. The training area may be adjusted based on availability of space. The applicant will abide by the any instructions given during the training session including, but not limited to, the training space allocated during the free trial.

  6. Unified-ITF Singapore reserves the rights to amend and/or cancel the Free Trial without prior notice.

Free Trial Class Registration Declaration

I hereby give full consent and confirm that I have read and understood the aforesaid Terms and Conditions. I agree and declare that I shall hold myself solely responsible for any loss or injuries that my children/the applicant may sustain during the course of training, demonstration, and Seminar. I will not hold and hereby indemnify “Unified-ITF Singapore, SG Taekwon-Do School,  and/or Management of OnePeople.Sg” and/or any instructors appointed by it and its affiliated training centers for any loss or injuries howsoever caused and/or any liabilities.

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